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About Me

Hello, I’m Sophie! I recently finished my final year at university studying biochemistry and like many others I needed something, other than assignments and lab reports, to keep my mind busy throughout the lockdowns we’ve had here in the UK.

I’ve always been a lover of textiles and sewing. I remember my Nan teaching me how to cross-stitch when I was about 5 years old and I was so proud of the little cushion I had made for my Auntie with a ‘Home Sweet Home’ cross-stitch pattern on the front (obviously with a lot of help from Nan)! Back in year 8, I chose to take a textiles course during activities week where we had to bring in an old pair of denim jeans and could turn them into whatever we wanted. I cut them down into a pair of shorts, made some handles with the leg material and created the cutest, fully-lined handbag – I was so so excited when my teacher told me she wanted to put it up on display in the corridor of the DT department!

I started making cosmetic bags last year and after making a few slightly wonky ones, I started making them to gift to family and friends as birthday and Christmas presents. I just love finding pretty fabrics and making something you can actually use from them.

So something that started out as a bit of a passion project and an outlet for my creativity has become this very little brand of mine which I’m so happy about sharing with all of you!

Thank you all so much for your support

Sophie x